All sizes up to 4” diameter are of our typical manufacture.

Larger sizes may be available upon customer request.

These parts can be made to fit any design and size allowed for in B16.11. Additional sizes can be manufactured to customer design specification.


Parts can be manufactured out of material conforming to ASTM specifications A105, A182, A193, A234 WPB, A403, A434, A479, A516, B564,  F91 or any of their ASME equivalents.

Piping components can be made to customer material specifications and out of most carbon, stainless, or alloy steels as required.

B16.11 coupling


B16.11 Full Couplings

B16.11 Half Couplings

B16.11 Caps - threaded and butt-weld


B16.11 Socket Weld Caps

B16.11 Threaded Caps

B16.11 Plugs - Square head, hex head, round


B16.11 Square Head Plugs

B16.11 Hex Head Plugs

B16.11 Round Plugs

B16.11 hex bushings and flush bushings


B16.11 Hex Bushings

B16.11 Flush Bushings

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Industrial Piping Components for the Nuclear Power and High-Pressure Piping Industries